1. Why NASA is funding a 3D pizza printer

    You could argue that the different eras of human history have been defined by a few key innovations. Advancements in agriculture some 10,000 years ago allowed our nomadic ancestors to finally stay put in one place. Alexander Graham Bell and his rivals changed telecommunications forever in the 19th century with the advent of the phone. The Internet’s rise in the ’90s sparked an era of boundless information, and the smartphone in 2007 put that information in the palm of our hands.

    All of which is sure be to eclipsed by what could be mankind’s greatest achievement to date. Behold: The 3D pizza printer.

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    There is nothing more to achieve.
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    Love Pizza
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    What is this. No. No. Just NO. I mean, I suppose if you think the crap that comes from Pizza Hut or Domino’s qualifies...
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    I hope this happens soon so I never truly have to learn to cook
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