1. Between pensions, office space and staff, postage, travel, and other benefits, the U.S. spent nearly $3.7 million in 2012 on our four living former presidents and Ronald Reagan’s widow, Nancy Reagan, according to new analysis from the Congressional Research Service (CRS). Here’s how that breaks down: 

    • $1.32 million — Allowance paid to George W. Bush in 2012
    • $85,000 — Bush’s telephone bill
    • $46,000 — Bush’s postage and printing tab
    • $395,000 — Rent for Bush’s Dallas office
    • $978,000 — Allowance paid to Bill Clinton in 2012
    • $442,000 — Rent for Clinton’s New York City office

    More numbers

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    Talk about fraud and abuse.
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    …I’m giving the side eye to the $85k phone bill & $46k postage charges. Pretty sure no one wants to talk to or hear from...
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