1. We’re hiring interns!

    Seeking: 2013 summer editorial interns

    The Week magazine is seeking driven, enthusiastic web editorial interns to work out of our Manhattan office for two days a week starting in May or June. The ideal candidate is a bright graduate or undergraduate student pursuing a career in journalism who possesses solid research and writing skills and a knack for all things web. Interns will gain hands-on experience in a digital newsroom by assisting The Week’s team of editors in researching, pitching, writing, and promoting stories. Other responsibilities include moderating comments, building articles in the CMS, and other aspects of basic web production.


    • Excellent communication skills and editorial judgment
    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced news environment where multitasking is a must
    • Familiarity with Wordpress, Moveable Type, or any other type of content management system
    • Enrollment in an accredited college or graduate program with the ability to gain credit for the internship
    • Digital experience and basic understanding of HTML and coding a plus

    Please send a cover letter, resume, availability, and two writing samples to Rollins@theweek.com with the subject line “WEB EDITORIAL INTERNSHIP.” This internship is unpaid, and candidates should be eligible for university credit, and be able to commit to working two eight-hour shifts per week.

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