1. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment it happened — but at some point, Twitter became a dark place…

    Once everyone was on Twitter, everyone’s problems were on Twitter. The early adopters might have been tech-utopians, but the succeeding waves were angry cynics and partisan cranks who used the technology to make the world even louder and worse than it was before Twitter. 

    Twitter has become like high school, where the mean kids say something hurtful to boost their self esteem and to see if others will laugh and join in. Aside from trolling for victims after some tragedy, Twitter isn’t used for reporting much anymore. But it is used for snark. 

    The medium is dangerous and tempting. When Abraham Lincoln was mad, he would famously write people scathing letters. He would then file them in his desk drawer, never to be sent. Abe was lucky he didn’t have Twitter…”

    Why I hate Twitter

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    I’ll reblog most articles that end in “This is why we can’t have nice things.”
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    I will continue to say it until somebody provides solid evidence that it is untrue; the internet is an extension of...
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    I guess somebody’s tumblr dashboard may suck as well - mine is brilliant.
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    My twitter stream is awesome. It is perpetually hilarious, informative, and good-natured. If yours [generic you, not...
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