1. Wanna be a better writer? Try writing by hand. 

    Many famous authors opt for the meticulousness of writing by hand over the utility of a typewriter or computer. In a 1995 interview with the Paris Review, writer Susan Sontag said that she penned her first drafts the analog way before typing them up for editing later. "I write with a felt-tip pen, or sometimes a pencil, on yellow or white legal pads, that fetish of American writers," she said. "I like the slowness of writing by hand."

    Novelist Truman Capote insisted on a similar process, although his involved lying down with a coffee and cigarette nearby. “No, I don’t use a typewriter,” he said in an interview. “Not in the beginning. I write my first version in longhand (pencil). Then I do a complete revision, also in longhand.” A 2009 study from the University of Washington seems to support Sontag, Capote, and many other writers’ preference for writing by hand: Elementary school students who wrote essays with a pen not only wrote more than their keyboard-tapping peers, but they also wrote faster and in more complete sentences.  

    4 benefits of writing by hand

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    Yeah, I don’t get this advice either. Whatever works for you is what is going to make you enjoy writing and do it more...
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    I’ve always preferred writing things out longhand.
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    I rarely ever type things out before I write them longhand. I just like the feel of paper better than the feel of...
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    uuumm… how about no. Sorry, but, I live and work ONLINE. The end.
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    That’s weird. I write so much worse when I do it by hand. My in-class essays are horrible.
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    I do this with all my stories and with all the essays and articles I’ve written in the past. I like having a plan and...
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    While writing with a pen could be less distracting since a pad of paper isn’t connected to the internet, I’m not sure...
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