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    via http://satanloveslola.tumblr.com/Let’s face it, you’re a busy news person. You wear 1,000 hats and your desk is overflowing with tasks not yet finished. There is no time for leaving your desk, finding parking, browsing the holiday windows or shopping. But, at the end of the day, you still have to put on one more hat (the…

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    For the reporter who has to do a ton of interviews (i.e. me) I recommend the Echo Smartpen and Dragon Dictate...
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    The Illustrated Strunk & White. That’s all.
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    The scotch and the illustrated Strunk and White oh my god absolutely yes please.
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    Ohmygawd, illustrated version of Strunk and White. Ohmygawd.
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    Take note, friends.
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    Someboday, anyboday!...illustrated elements...style! yes,...
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