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    What Makes Cancer Cells Different?

    We’ve talked before about how tricky a disease cancer is. Or, if you want to be accurate, how tricky a “set of diseases” it is. I mean, a single tumor is like a world unto itself, full of different populations of cells, each with their own individual set of mutations. That’s crazy to think about.

    Cancer is the result of one of our cells’ most basic and core functions, cell division, gone awry. What causes it, in the large sense? How can we use cancer’s tricks against it to try and treat these diseases?

    George Zaidan tackles those questions for TED-Ed in the video above. If nothing else, it’s the best combination of beans, fabric and cancer biology I’ve ever seen in a video. Goes nicely with my TED-Ed video on how the human genome is organized in the first place.

    (via brooklynmutt)

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    very educational to me :)
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    I wish everyone understood cancer even at this level…
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    How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones? - George Zaidanvia jtotheizzoe: View full lesson:...
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