1. Half of GOP voters think a non-existent group stole the election for Obama

    According to PPP — the pollster clearly having the most fun after the election — “49 percent of GOP voters nationally say they think that ACORN stole the election for President Obama,” compared with 52 percent who said the same in 2008. The problem? ACORN no longer exists. The community organizing group went bankrupt and disbanded in 2010. I think there’s a fairly “charitable explanation” for this, says Jamelle Bouie at The American Prospect. It’s clear “a large number of Republicans don’t like President Obama, and when offered a chance to endorse something that signals that dislike, they did it, even if the ‘something’ is absolutely insane.” That’s too charitable, says Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog. After all, “Fox News keeps telling its viewers that ACORN still does exist — at least in altered form” — and its former employees are responsible for a “massive subversion of the American way of life.” 

    This week’s 4 most ridiculous, head-scratching poll results

    (Source: theweek.com)

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    The takeaway here is not just that Republicans are delusional, but that their delusions mean they aren’t going to learn...
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    …I just can’t (even)
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    it’s just one single poll but the “Panetta-Burns plan” thing is even weirder I mean at least ACORN used to exist at one...
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