1. thedailyfeed:

    Here’s the message we just put up in our iPad app for subscribers. 

    But don’t worry, we won’t abandon our dear Tumblr followers. We have way too much fun on here. 

    Stay tuned. 

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    The Daily was an interesting experiment, but essentially they were banking on being able to build a massive audience. To...
  8. judecharles said: The Daily will be missed! Such a great publication.
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    While the Daily may be going away, if you want great articles to read on your iOS device checkout Marco Arment’s the...
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    The Daily - the world’s first iPad-only newspaper having gained 100,000 subscribers - shutting down on Dec 15. What are...
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    the Daily is telling to it’s subscribers
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    Sad state of paid, written content on new platforms.
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    The Daily is dead. Seems like they could have made some changes to give it a better shot before throwing in the towel,...
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