1. Newly crowned “Sexiest Man Alive" Kim Jong Un isn’t the biggest fan of Park Sang-hak, an anti-Pyongyang defector now living in South Korea who’s near the top of North Korea’s hit list. The outspoken activist was recently the target of a would-be assassin equipped with three seemingly innocent, easy-to-conceal weapons plucked straight from a 007 script. A South Korea “investigation official,” speaking with CNN, described the weapons thus: A poison-tipped device built to look like a Parker ballpoint pen; a second pen equipped to shoot poison-filled bullets directly into the skin; and a small flashlight rigged to fire three bullets at close range. “You’d notice a gun,” said Park, “but these weapons are so innocuous [they could] easily kill someone [without warning]. I’d be dead immediately.” Park is hardly the first to be the target of top-secret spy weaponry. 

    8 real-life spy weapons

    (Source: theweek.com)

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