1. PepsiCo has a new soda, Pepsi Special, and it’s being marketed explicitly as a fat-blocking health drink…

    It remains to be seen just how effective Pepsi Special is at shrinking waistlines. But previous studies on rats showed that dextrin, a special ingredient in the beverage, can reduce the absorption of fat in the body and helps lower cholesterol levels. Scientists have also found evidence that the soluble fiber helps regulate the digestive system, increases nutrient absorption, stabilizes glucose levels, and could even prevent a variety of other gastrointestinal disorders. 

    The product will soon be released in Japan — Pepsi has not announced a U.S. release date. That doesn’t keep Amanda Kooser at CNET  from wondering: "What would Michael Bloomberg say?"


    (Source: theweek.com)

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    is this forreal..?
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    What in the WORLD?! Just drink water and eat better. SMH
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    As long as it has 100gs of sugar it won’t block shit
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    Soluble fiber, including dextrin, may help lower cholesterol. And it may help slow the body’s absorption of glucose,...
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