1. It’s no wonder people are increasingly faking disabilities to cut airport lines, says The New York Times: Airlines are required to supply anyone claiming a disability with a free wheelchair (no proof required), and anyone who’s wheelchair-bound gets to board the plane first. The only hitch: People in wheelchairs must disembark last. Consequently, many fakers ignore the wheelchairs waiting for them once they arrive at their destination. Flight attendants drolly call the incidents “miracle flights” — since “they all needed a wheelchair getting on, but not getting off.”

    Only in America

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    I’m in a wheelchair due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and dysautonomia. This makes me absolutely sick. Disabilities are not...
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    What fuckery is this?! I hope you get run over you insidious jerks!
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    I’d like to send a hearty “fuck you” to the people who do this, especially because my condition is so mercurial that...
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    This is very bothersome.
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    omfg this is so shitty why would anyone do this
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    ugh why are people awful
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    Wow, that pisses me off. People really do that? We had to use a wheelchair when traveling with my dad because his cancer...
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    It’s SO dumb to me, I mean, it’s not like you’re gonna take off or land any faster than anyone else on the plane… smh
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