1. Think outside the box: Swedish wine company Vernissage Wines sells this wine-filled purse for $20 for 1.5 liters, and $40 for 3 liters. Photo: vernissagewine.com


    Banking on bacon
    A man embarks on an ambitious cross-country road trip in which he will barter with bacon in exchange for food, fuel, and shelter — all as part of an Oscar Mayer publicity stunt. [The New York Times]

    Going behind the music
    Nicki Minaj — who recently rapped that she’s a “Republican, voting for Mitt Romney” — thanks President Obama for understanding her “creative humor and sarcasm” after he suggests that she’s not really a conservative. [Death & Taxes]

    Fashionable winos
    A Swedish company classes up its boxed wine by designing the box in the shape of a handbag that includes a strap for easy carrying. [The Frisky]


    The Buckeye State
    A full 15 percent of Republicans in Ohio say Mitt Romney is more responsible than President Obama for the death of Osama bin Laden. Another 47 percent aren’t sure who deserves more credit. [Salon]

    Seller’s remorse
    A Virginia woman pays $7 at a flea market for a box of old toys, which unexpectedly includes a Renoir painting that had been missing since 1926, and could sell for more than $75,000 at auction. [Discovery News]

    The reality of reality TV
    A crew member helping to clean out a house on TLC’s Hoarders: Buried Alive contracts hantavirus, the same deadly disease that has killed three people at Yosemite National Park. [Consumerist]

    (Source: theweek.com)

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