1. "Media outlets should wake up and take note — because what Morgan Jones did last week just may be the future of journalism."Linda Sharps at The Stir.

    On the night of the massacre that killed 12 people in Aurora, Colo., 18-year-old Morgan Jones of Denver was up late playing a video game when he spied a Facebook update from his local news station reporting a possible shooting at a movie theater. Jones began a thread on the popular social-media news site Reddit that over the course of the night morphed into what many are describing as the most comprehensive timeline to emerge from the event, replete with minute-by-minute tweets from witnesses, reports from traditional media sources, and police scanner updates. Jones and his fellow Redditors also had some major scoops, unearthing the picture of alleged shooter James Holmes from the online dating site AdultFriendFinder.com, the first to show him with his distinctive red hair. Many commentators say Reddit’s coverage exemplifies a new breed of journalism, though some, like CNN’s Howard Kurtz, criticized the timeline as error-ridden.

    Is Reddit’s style of citizen journalism the wave of the future?

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    Nice work. Journalism like this is part of your complete breakfast, but it’s not replacing anything. It’s not a...
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  47. froggeek said: Reddit was a brilliant idea, but now it’s just a bunch of 12-year-old 4chan rejects. The only thing they are the future of is Ron Paul’s next campaign staff.
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