1. A new “cafe” in New York’s trend-setting East Village is not your run of the mill cappuccino and croissant cafe: It uses a $25,000 filtration system to purify tap water and sell it for $2.50 a serving.


    Dressing lightly
    A man who protested the TSA’s pat-down policies by stripping naked at an airport is cleared of his public indecency charge. [The Daily What]

    Mankind’s ingenuity
    Today marks the 110th birthday of the air-conditioner as the savior of sultry summers. [Discovery News]

    Poor intellectuals
    The New York Times offers digital subscriptions on Groupon for $1. [Death & Taxes]


    Clamorous traditions
    A judge orders an Austrian farmer to get rid of his cowbells, despite their place in Alpine history, after neighbors lodge noise complaints. [Newser]

    Admitting your mistakes
    United Continental refuses to honor a deal for nearly-free airfare from Washington, D.C., to Hong Kong that passengers snapped up before the company corrected the online pricing glitch. [The Daily]

    H2O elitism

    A “tap water cafe” opens in New York City, peddling filtered city tap water for $2.50 and boasting of a product with a “fluffy” and “smooth” finish. [Gothamist] 

    (Source: theweek.com)

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