1. I just don’t like Slater,” an angry customer told the owner of Mullets Sports Bar and Restaurant after he shattered a framed photo of the fictional mullet-wearing jock from the 1990s tv series “Saved by the Bell.”

    This excerpt, from the Chicago Tribune, is priceless:

    Left unclear in the police description was what sparked such anti-Slater rage.

    Was it the pleated Z. Cavariccis? The way Slater treated Jessie during senior year? Or something darker — was Slater somehow involved in the disappearance of sister J.B. Slater, who according to IMDb.com appears in a single episode before vanishing forever like Richie Cunningham's older brother in “Happy Days”?

    Or maybe he should’ve just passed on that drink, unlike Slater at that infamous senior-year toga party (you know, the one at Ox’s house, which led to the drunken driving crash in which Slater hurt his shoulder and learned that, even if Lisa was elected homecoming queen, you can’t just toss your morals out the window).

    (Thanks to Danny Groner for the tip on this one)

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    Look! Here’s an article about Slater! Who is much realer than the Zodiac!
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