1. McDonald’s has gained “sole rights” to selling french fries (or “chips” as they say in the U.K.) during the 2012 London.


    Baby boomer boozehounds
    A new study finds that moderate alcohol consumption can reduce bone loss in middle-aged women. [Huffington Post]

    The service industry
    A family fulfills a deceased man’s dying wish of buying a pizza and giving the server a $500 tip. [Gawker]

    Serendipitous shopping
    A man finds his stolen car on eBay — 42 years after it was swiped from a Philadelphia street. [Geekosystem]


    Olympic competition
    Food vendors at the London Olympics bemoan the fact that the McDonald’s sponsorship deal prevents Golden Arches competitors from selling french fries. [Newser]

    Mourning joe
    A South Carolina funeral home is criticized for opening a Starbucks franchise on its premises. [New York]

    Yahoo’s comeback
    A security breach exposes nearly half a million of the beleaguered internet company’s users’ email addresses and passwords to hackers. [Business Insider]

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