1. Zoe Rain Bernstein was sitting in a booster seat in her father’s pick-up truck in March when her dad lost control and the car slammed into a light pole. The impact left Zoe in a coma, and with a fractured skull.

    When Zoe woke up from her month-long unconsciousness, her mother Kelsie says, the little girl had a different personality."Her personality is completely different," her mother says. Zoe has developed Attention Deficit Disorder, and she now has behavioral problems she never had before she was injured.

    Can a brain injury really change the person you are inside?

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    because people don’t take enough science courses in college.
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    ^Is that a real question? Because, of course. You are your brain. If your brain is altered (whether it’s deliberate,...
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    Is she alive? I can’t decide if this article is insulting, or not?
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