1. The big buzz in the science world is that researchers from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, are on the verge of announcing their most compelling proof yet that the Higgs boson particle exists. 

    Nicknamed the “God particle,” the Higgs is theorized to exist in between a very specific set of frequencies, and is described as the invisible glue that binds the universe together. When paired with gravity, the subatomic particle is said to be the magic ingredient that gives everyday objects their weight. 

    Two teams of CERN researchers, nicknamed ATLAS and CMS, have worked independently to make sure the findings are accurate. While the scientific threshold for labeling new findings in the world of physics a “discovery” is quite high, the two teams are at the point where combining data would offer a high degree of certainty that the particle has been found.

    Here’s what it means

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    Lisa is writing about this for New Scientist! I don’t really understand what is going on but she’s really super excited.
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