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    Summer Art Fridays: Photographer James Chororos

    For the latest in our Summer Fridays series with ArtInfo, we chose the work of James Chororos, a Brooklyn-based photographer and architect. Chororos uses his photos to document poetic moments that might have passed by unnoticed. Case in point (above): a stirring photo of city kids playing in a fire hydrant, lit by the orange setting sun.

    Describe the piece you submitted to Summer Fridays.

    The photograph depicts three children dancing around in the spray of an open fire hydrant in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was taken in record-breaking heat just before the sun set in the distance.

    How does the piece relate to your memories of summer?

    The scene I captured here actually doesn’t relate to my personal experiences of summer at all. For the majority of my life, I grew up in the suburbs, and my town never permitted us to open up a fire hydrant, no matter how hot it was. Of course, as a child I used to complain dramatically about this law every summer, so when I saw these kids I had a great time documenting the moment, but I was still full of envy at age 28.

    Describe your process.

    When I shoot I try to immerse myself in the moment and I don’t stop until I think I have an image that will tell the story of the whole experience, not just what I saw, but what it felt like to be there. This particular photograph was made the same way as the majority of work I post to my blog, which involves traveling to new places often, patience, and having my camera on me wherever I go.

    How did you end up making art?

    I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating something in some way, so I don’t think there was a single moment that blazed the trail and it certainly hasn’t been a clear path. Throughout my life I migrated from being a painter to a graphic designer and then an architect. Each of these fields somehow led to the next and ultimately to the craft I feel the most connected with, which is photography. I’m continuously inspired by music, discovering unfamiliar settings, and the past.

    How has Tumblr helped you?

    Once I moved to Tumblr I immediately met a large number of like-minded people, photographers, and creative thinkers, all who regularly interact through their work. Having such a large audience has helped me take my work more seriously and push me in new directions. I get a lot more out of what I do as a result.

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    Summer Art Fridays: Photographer James Chororos
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