1. Brave’s Merida, the celebrated first female hero of a Pixar film, is a tomboy. She’s a skilled archer, she fights, she detests girly clothes, rejects all her male suitors, and explicitly expresses that she does not want to get married. So, asks Adam Markovitz in a controversial article at Entertainment Weekly, "Is Merida gay?"

    It isn’t just that the character bristles at “traditional gender roles” that raises suspicion, Markovitz says. It’s the timing of Brave's release to coincide with major parades in New York and San Francisco in honor of LGBT Pride Month, which he thinks was an intentional decision. The argument sparked a firestorm of commentary.

    Is Merida a thinly disguised gay character, and, if so, does it matter?

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  7. onemorecupofcouffee answered: Puxa, finalmente uma heroína livre de qualquer estereótipo. Parabéns Pixar Films!
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    insomniac—thoughts: ^^
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    I don’t think that the fact that the character rails against traditional gender roles means she’s gay. I was the same...
  14. mister-ubas answered: gay or not..animated films portray human interests and character and i think it is the bottom line…no more no less…
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    Because articles claiming that any female Disney protagonist who doesn’t cohere exactly to their simpering/swooning...
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  18. socoloredin answered: Honestly, no. I was similar when I was a pre-teen, mostly because I wanted to be Indiana Jones’ sidekick who then married his son.
  19. now-this-is-loot answered: …I’m all of those things, but am I gay? Tell me.
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  22. happywandererintaiwan answered: That you asked the question means it matters to someone - if only to stir the pot.
  23. jungleshepherd answered: Anyone remember Mulan from Disney? Perhaps, rather than Markovitz’s suggestion, Merida is simply not interested in conforming to tradition?
  24. readordiebyemilyt answered: I have no idea if Merida’s gay or not; when I was a teenager, boys still had cooties. And no, it doesn’t matter.
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  26. possiblybroken answered: Does it matter? She’s a lot like the way I was growing up, AND she has a whole lot more hair. Kids deserve the right to discover themselves.
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  33. climateadaptation answered: pressing, enthralling news. great job guys (as the world burns).
  34. 0blue-bird0 answered: What does it matter if she’s gay or not? She’s a little bamf and her sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with it.
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  38. neloner answered: Oh no.
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  42. alflamont answered: Is Entertainment Weekly relevant?
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    rejects male suitors, loves shooting arrows, and hates girly clothes — enough reasons to classify her as a lesbian, say...
  45. thecheshirequeen answered: Even if she was, she is still great role model for girls.
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    No, it doesn’t. If she is, good for Pixar. If she isn’t, good for Pixar! Just because a girl is a tomboy and her life...
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