1. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are still a month away, but London has already exceeded its budget by 101 percent — and counting.  Here, a look at what could possibly become the most expensive Olympic games in history, by the numbers:

    $13 billion — Expected sports-related cost of the London Olympics

    $6.5 billion — Original estimate of the 2012 Summer Games budget

    $37.5 billion — Projected total cost of the London Olympics, including everything from sports-related spending to security to overtime for subway train drivers, according to a Sky Sports investigation

    14,000 — Security guards added after the original estimate of 10,000 was determined to be inadequate

    $864 million — Current estimate of the security budget, which doubled because of needs not initially spotted 

    $524,000 — Price tag for a single outdoor sculpture called Jurassic Stones — which locals have dubbed “row of stones on sticks” — erected to greet motorists arriving at a venue for sailing events

    More numbers

    (Source: theweek.com)

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