1. Just in time for lunch: The healthiest meal ever. Food experts from England set out to determine what the healthiest, most nutrient-packed meal in the world would actually look like. 4,000 health claims later, they’ve boiled it all down to one simple meal.

    The meal starts with a salmon terrine, which is smoked fish served with olive oil and a dusting of fresh herbs, alongside a mixed leaf salad with an extra-virgin olive oil dressing. Up next is a chicken and lentil casserole, accompanied by mixed veggies and a high-fiber multigrain roll on the side. Dessert is a vanilla-pudding-like blancmange, which consists of yogurt topped with walnuts and sugar-free caramel sauce.

    Not bad. But what makes this meal so healthy?

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    I’ll take it.
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    Mm, I would have to disagree with this being the healthiest meal, studies have shown that animal protein is more likely...
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