1. Farsighted elephant may get contact lenses

    In 2010, C’sar’s caretakers noticed that the otherwise friendly 38-year-old elephant had become lethargic and depressed and was bumping into things around his pen, often stubbing his toes or banging his tusks into walls. Zookeepers feared that he’d have to be euthanized.

    Luckily, the zoo’s vets determined the problem was C’sar’s debilitating cataracts, which caused his vision to become increasingly clouded in each eye. They removed the cataracts, but C’sar’s vision isn’t perfect, and because of the surgeries, he has actually become farsighted.

    So now, the zoo is considering giving him corrective lenses. Those will be some big lenses. 

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    I love elephants so much. I also love science and technology things (even if I don’t understand how they work.) But, I...
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    cool!!!! the elephant and I can be friends with all of the things we have in common haha
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