1. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is donating $1.1 million to study the effectiveness of a wristband that tracks a student’s level of engagement.

    The wristband uses the body’s natural electricity to measure emotional arousal, says Edwin Kee at Ubergizmo. Whenever someone gets excited, for example, their electrodermal activity shoots up. When they’re bored or relaxed, that level goes down. The bracelet, which is still in its early phases, seeks to chart a student’s mood while in class. 

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    Can you imagine if we had this in our day?
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    Hopefully the results will be more optimistic than “bored”.
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    A new biopolitical teaching aid: “How about fitting students and teachers with a Galvanic Response Bracelet that can...
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    - … that sounds it could be really effing dangerous and unpleasant and creepy. seriously.
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