1. Is it too late for the GOP to kill ObamaCare? 

    A looming Supreme Court decision could strike down ObamaCare, and Republicans are vowing to repeal it. Still, key elements of President Obama’s signature health-care reform law might be here to stay. Three of the nation’s biggest insurers — UnitedHealth, Aetna, and Humana — said this week that they would keep some of the legislation’s most popular provisions, such as letting young adults stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26, regardless of what happens to the law. And even some Republicans in Congress are softening their opposition to some aspects of the law, such as mandated coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions.

    Has the window has closed on Republicans who want to scrap ObamaCare entirely?

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    God, I hope so! It had better be too late for Republicans to repeal “ObamaCare.” And they should be made to fix/replace...
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    Who gives a fuck.
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    Possibly…we’ll see what lengths the conservatives are willing to go.
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    One day one of you Americans really have to explain to me what the hell this guy is trying to do??!!
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