1. 7 peculiar new Groupon offers:

    1. Name your baby ‘Clembough’ 
    Over the weekend, Groupon offered New York City residents a deal they could easily refuse: For $1,000, the company would allow you to name your baby “Clembough.” (The etymology of this purposefully strange name remains inscrutable.) The offer stipulated that “no substitutes or modifications” were acceptable, and that spelling was “non-negotiable.” Word on the street was that the stunt was timed to coincide with Father’s Day. 

    2. Get tucked into bed 
    In early June, Groupon users in Chicago had an opportunity to get tucked into bed by a Groupon employee for a mere $100. According to the site, “disease-free” employee Ben Kobold would tuck you in with his “sinewy, well-groomed fingers,” pour you a glass of water, and use “his summer-breeze-like voice to gently sing you one of the five lullabies he has authored.” Weirdly, the deal was purchased by at least two people.

    3. Get a cheap circumcision 
    Circumcision is probably not the type of medical procedure you’d want to pay bottom-dollar for, but that didn’t stop Groupon from offering its Filipino users a 76 percent discount in May. At least three coupons were purchased.

    4. Tour a porn studio 
    In April, Groupon kicked up a fuss when it offered San Francisco denizens a discount on a walking tour through the porn studio run by Kink.com. Groupon defended the deal, saying that the tour was “historical and informational in nature,” even while tantalizing buyers with the prospect of glimpsing a “live filming in progress.” Groupon later said it was no longer accepting offers from “adult merchants.”

    More weird Groupon offers

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