1. Giant tortoises Bibi and Poldi (not pictured) are calling it quits after a 115-year long relationship — because Bibi reportedly bit a piece of Poldi’s shell off.


    Brining the wine
    A vineyard manager, a barrel maker, and an oyster farmer in France experiment with aging wine underwater. [AFP]

    Lady Gaga gets hit in the head with a pole during a New Zealand performance, sustains a concussion… and continues to perform. [BuzzFeed]

    Frequent fliers
    A new study finds that the TSA’s full-body scanners do not expose passengers to dangerous levels of radiation. [Consumerist


    Starry-eyed idealists
    A hitchhiker who was writing a book about the kindness of America is shot at random while waiting for a ride on the side of the road. [Death & Taxes]

    Lifelong romance
    Two giant tortoises that had maintained a 115-year relationship are separated after attacks from the female turned violent. [The Daily What

    Framing your diploma
    A Nevada high school misspells “graduation” as “graduataion” on its students’ diplomas. [AP

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    Biting a piece off a shell must be like the ultimate crime in a relationship, to end a 115-year long relationship!...
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