1. The practice of employing underdressed women to shill gadgets at trade shows is increasingly coming under fire as both sexist and antiquated. A new article in IT World says that the models are often hired to stand for upward of eight hours a day in heels, only to be paid somewhere between $100 to $170. “You have to look happy all day and smile, but it’s not that easy,” says former booth babe Eileen Lee. “It gets very tiring.”

    Time for trade shows to banish ‘booth babes’? 

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    I’m not disagreeing, but if this was actually explained it wouldn’t make the women appear like “oh this is sexist but...
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    You have to consider minimum wage in the areas where these events are being held. If a woman works at a booth for an...
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    that ‘only’ part should include what’s taken out by taxes and what percentage the agency (if they’re affiliated with...
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    I know guys who have been shot at and cant afford their car payments.
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