1. After diving into the shallow end of a pool, Derek Amato (not pictured) suffered a serious concussion — and found he could suddenly play piano like a pro, despite having no previous training.


    The profitability of pumping iron
    A new study finds that workers who exercise make roughly 9 percent more money than those who stay on the couch. [Death & Taxes]

    Hot sauce devotees
    An artisan lollypop maker introduces a spicy Sriracha lollipop made of the much-loved Asian hot sauce. [The Frisky]

    Getting the sense knocked into you
    A Colorado man becomes a piano virtuoso after suffering a concussion from diving into the shallow end of a pool. [Opposing Views


    Wrong numbers
    A man receives a flood of death threats after getting a new phone number; he soon discovers that the digits used to belong to George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin. [New York]

    Hard-to-believe rebuttals
    In response to New York City’s proposed ban on large sugary drinks, Coca-Cola implausibly fires back that no scientific evidence connects sugary beverages to obesity. [Consumerist]

    Family-friendly outings
    Tourists at a zoo in the Netherlands make a run for it after a polar bear shatters the protective glass that separated them. [Videogum] 

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