1. thedailyfeed:

    We just discovered this infographic, care of tech startup Updater, which reveals the latest trends in Americans’ moving habits. 

    Turns out new movers spend over $7,400 in the first three months after moving, far more than the average consumer. And while many traditionally Republican-leaning states appear to be gaining residents, traditionally Democratic-leaning states tend to be losing residents. Wonder how this might affect the electoral college and the election?

    This is a cool infographic. Who knew Houston was the nation’s fastest growing city? 

    (via thedailyfeed)

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  11. socialnn answered: If it’s enough to raise republican states’ electoral college votes, this could be a bit of a game changer in the coming years.
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  13. socialnn answered: Don’t think Texas will be affected much because of how the districts were re-drawn.
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    hah Minnesota sucks. And why are people moving south?
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  37. booksneak answered: Looks like people are moving from expensive to cheap states, so if they’re lower income they may be more likely to vote Democrat. Hopefully.
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    Houston, Texas is the Fastest Growing City in the U.S.
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