1. Where might the lost city of Atlantis be?

    Plato wrote that Atlantis had been destroyed around 9,000 B.C. after its inhabitants attempted to take over Athens. Plato placed the island city-state near the modern-day Strait of Gibraltar, and claimed it “disappeared into the depths of the sea” in a single day and night, leading many to speculate that a tsunami destroyed it. Ever since Plato’s tantalizing hints, many a treasure hunter has gone in search of Atlantis, but nobody has ever definitively located it.

    The latest theory: It was off the coast of Spain. In 2011, a U.S.-led research team announced it had pinpointed an ancient city it believes to be Atlantis. Using a satellite image of a submerged site near Cadiz, in southern Spain, the researchers used radar and data mapping to survey the area, which they believe was flattened thousands of years ago. Head researcher Richard Freund is particularly confident that he has found the genuine article because of his discovery of a series of nearby “memorial cities” built in Atlantis’ image by refugees who had fled the sunken island. 

    Three more theories

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