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    Chris Martin, 14, greets his great-grandmother AnnaBelle Bowers, 87, who lives part time with the Martin family in Harrisburg, Pa. Occasionally, Chris stays at home to watch “Snootzie,” as the family affectionately calls her, when his parents are busy. (Kainaz Amaria/NPR)

    This week NPR’s eight-week series, Family Matters: The Money Squeeze, circles back to the Martin Family, with LaDonna and David who are taking care of their two children and David’s grandmother, AnnaBelle.

    Do you live in a multigenerational household? Share your candid photos and stories with us on Tumblr or on Twitter and Instagram with the tag #nprfamilymatters.

    (Source: lookatthisstory)

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    I don’t think that I have enjoyed something that NPR has done this much since the very first time that I got into...
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    My maternal grandmother lived with us for a few months until we realized we couldn’t care for her medically. At first I...
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    What Goes Around Comes Around See-Think-Wonder What do you see? What do you think is going on? What does it make you...
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    i love these photos.
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