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    Lawyers take to the streets with students for Montreal’s 35th consecutive night of protest
    As negotiations between student leaders and the provincial Liberals resumed in Quebec City Monday evening after a supper break, more protests took place in different parts of Quebec including Montreal, which hosted its 35th consecutive night of demonstrations.

    Lawyers dressed in their courtroom gowns paraded in silence from the city’s main courthouse through the streets of Old Montreal to join the nightly march.

    “It is one of the first times I’ve seen lawyers protest in public like this…and I’ve been practising for almost 30 years,” Bruno Grenier said outside the building surrounded by about 250 people, some carrying copies of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    The lawyer said his colleagues wanted to show the public that they oppose a law they “find unjust and which is probably unconstitutional.” (Photos: Canadian Press/Reuters)

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    good for them! and mr. lawyer in the middle right pic got his grown man proper. good for YOU.
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    Traduction Des dizaines de juristes sont descendus dans les rues avec les étudiants lors du jour de la 35e manifestation...
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