1. Step aside, Rosie there’s a new bot in town. Cornell roboticists have built and successfully tested a canny new housecleaning bot. Of course, building a machine that “knows” where to put your things isn’t easy: The robot has to survey a room, identify the components of the mess you’ve made, and figure out where everything belongs — before actually getting to work.

    Cornell’s robo-housekeeper uses advanced algorithms and a 3D Kinect camera to identify misplaced dishes, groceries, books, toys, and trash before putting them in their proper places with a mechanical arm.  

    See this robo-housekeeper in action

    (Source: theweek.com)

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    I wish i had a robot that was my maid!! But im not rich so i guess ill have to do it myself!! Ugh!!!
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    yeah this is actually frightening
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    YES! Finally!
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    I would spend all of my money on this. All of it.
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