1. There used to be a thriving trade in the relics of Christian saints — St. Anthony’s voice box, a vial of St. Gennaro’s blood, splinters from the cross used in Jesus’ crucifixion — and by those standards, a British auction for a tube of Ronald Reagan’s dried blood makes perfect sense, especially if you revere the former president. Of course, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation doesn’t see it that way.

    If the blood sample, purportedly from Reagan’s hospital stay when he was recovering from being shot in 1981, is real, auctioning it off is “a craven act and we will use every legal means to stop its sale or purchase,” says the foundation. Many Reagan fans disagree — the top bid is already north of $14,000. Still, Reagan’s blood isn’t even the strangest celebrity relic to hit the auction block recently.

    7 other gross celebrity items sold at auction

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