Ostentatious displays of wealth
    A mystery buyer breaks a New York City record by shelling out more than $90 million for a duplex luxury penthouse in midtown Manhattan. [Gothamist]

    Falling into love
    A California woman gains a new pet when she rescues a weeks-old puppy that literally fell from the sky. The pup was likely dropped by a passing hawk. [The Daily What

    At least something on Twitter being private
    Twitter introduces a Do Not Track privacy option, which prevents Twitter from giving your personal information to advertisers. [Death & Taxes]


    Repeat offenses
    For the third time in six months, someone crashes his car into a Pennsylvania couple’s house. [Business Insider]

    Finger food
    A Michigan teen reports finding a severed finger in his sandwich at Arby’s. [TIME]

    The heart at home
    A new Gallup poll finds that stay-at-home moms struggle with sadness, anger, and depression more than working mothers do. [Newser

    (Source: theweek.com)

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