1. The search for the next Lost gets another entry with Revolution, coming this fall. The show is a dystopian thriller about a future earth that has suffered a catastrophic disaster which zapped all the planet’s energy, rendering anything electrically-powered useless.

    "You had me at plane falling out of the sky," says Tim Surette at TV.com. Better yet: The show’s talented pedigree and “no shortage of badassery.” It’s so visually impressive that it looks “like a big screen movie,” says John Kubicek at Buddy TV, unlike anything on any network. It’s easily the show “I’m most looking forward to.”

    TV’s 5 most promising fall shows: A video roundup

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    Not sure about this one… looks a little too sanitized / twilight-ish for my taste… maybe i’ll take a look when it starts...
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    I like the premise but I just cannot get over THE MATTE PAINTINGS OF OVERGROWTH ON THE CITY there is no way that could...
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    my interest is piqued :)
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