1. While stress is an unfortunate and unhealthy part of modern life, going on a destructive rampage isn’t usually a socially acceptable way of dealing with it. Enter the Anger Room, an inconspicuous storefront in a Dallas strip mall where fed-up Americans can act out.

    Inside, proprietor and founder Donna Alexander and her staff offer up rooms of stuff — TVs, office furniture, glassware — for patrons to smash. 

    "Stuff that you can’t do to other people, you can do here," one customer says. "I can’t afford going to the psychiatrist, but I can afford this." 

    The ‘Anger Room’: The new way to blow off steam after work

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    California seriously needs one of these. I’d be in there weekly if not daily
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    Reminds me of the plate-smashing parties that a few friends used to have. A case of beer and some cheap dishes from...
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    I need this
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    Heh. Fair enough. Not that I couldn’t use a little aggression in my day-to-day doings.
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    Greatest idea
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    Yeah, except that so-called “catharsis” has been repeatedly shown to increase aggression over time. Lovely little...
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    Is this healthy? It sure looks like fun! Reminds me of Office Space & the copier.
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    WHAAAAAT? That sounds crazy awesome. There has got to be nothing more fun than just demolishing stuff that you normally...
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    This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of; just meditate, instead of encouraging hostility and violence....
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