1. Once parents were supposed to take care of their kids until they left home. Now Mom and Dad are subsidizing their offspring well into their adult years. A new study says these days, leaving home is optional, and the money flows to most young adults even if they do make their way into the big, wide world.

    Just how much are parents supporting their grown children? Here, a by the numbers look:

    65 Percent of young adults (age 19-22) who live at home for a significant part of each year 

    42 Percent of all young adults who get help paying their bills (average $1,741 a year)

    22 Percent who get help with their rent (average $3,937 a year)

    82 Percent of high-income parents (earning $99,910 or more a year) who dole out help

    $15,449 Average annual assistance from the high-earners 

    47 Percent of low-income parents (earning less than $37,274 a year) who provide assistance

    $2,113 Average annual assistance from low-income parents

    More numbers

    (Source: theweek.com)

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