1. The grocery cart that suggests better food choices

    The Lambet Shopping Trolley Handle is equipped with a barcode sensor and can clip onto any cart. It uses a 16-LED multicolor display to give would-be buyers a quick idea of the product they’re buying, including allergen information and calories. ”One color pattern might indicate that a product is organic, and another might tell you if it’s local" by flashing the words low, medium, or high, to indicate the food miles the product traveled to get to your store, says Ariel Schwartz at Fast Co. Exist.

    Users can compare two competing products with the scanner, which tells you which item is the better buy with a smiley face, and steers you away from less healthy options with a neutral or frowny face. The system is “appealing because of its simplicity,” says Walter Frick at BostInno.

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