1. Mitt Romney’s pet super PAC, Restore Our Future, “makes no sense at all,” says BuzzFeed. “It’s an actual contradiction, an inscrutable zen koan for this elections cycle.” Or, as Paul Begala, an adviser for President Obama’s own amorphously named Priorities USA Action, puts it: “It’s like saying, ‘I’m out in the garage restoring my 2020 Ford car.’” Here are 41 other (very real) super PAC names that annoy, amuse, or just plain perplex:

    Insistently American
    When you’re trying to raise money for an American election, name-checking the US of A makes sense — but you can take it too far:

    1. Americans For America
    2. America For Americans
    3. Americans For a Better Tomorrow Today
    4. Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow
    5. Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Yesterday
    6. My America
    7. Your America
    8. Putting America First 

    Cloyingly sentimental
    Tugging on the heartstrings may be a good way to raise money, but there’s a difference between sweet and saccharine: 

    9. A Promise to Our Children
    10. Faith Family Freedom Fund
    11. American Sunrise
    12. Our Destiny PAC
    13. We Believe USA 
    14. We Love USA PAC 

    So many more

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