1. Occupy Wall Street? Egyptian riots? London looting?


    Penn State student rioting over the firing of Joe Paterno. More photos from last night’s riots here.

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    this is why i hate football. this whole thing is completely unbelievable.
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    I can’t fucking believe this goddamn bullshit. And I don’t see any of Them getting beaten bloody in the streets, or...
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    Morons. For shame.
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    ughh. This whole thing is just so awful.
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    Fucking stupid.
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    i can’t believe that these idiots were defending a child sex abuse enabler? is football really more important than the...
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    I hope this is not derailing but I wanted to expand on the University safety issue. I believe that for the most part...
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    Gah, fucking fuck those fuckers. What decent person would riot over this? Do they realize what kind of message they’re...
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    This is sickening. At least we know what some assholes are willing to mobilize over others.
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    At my university we’re mandated reporters BUT of course the university wants us to report to university services not to...
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    Fact: if you want to annonymously report suspected child abuse, you can. Depending on the state, DCF investigates child...
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    =| I hate most people who go to college.
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    RAGE. I can easily see this happening at my alma mater, Mizzou. And that makes me angry.
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