1. What I learned from taking an aquacycling class

    It’s easy on your knees — maybe too easy



  3. Redskins players enter game with raised hands in solidarity with Ferguson protesters

    The gesture is a symbolic nod to Michael Brown, who witnesses says had his hands up when he was shot to death by a police officer



  5. The home is an example of what social scientists call a “sacred space,” one that we fill with material things but also with meaning. It’s where we engage in private family rituals — eating, praying, loving — and it’s where we let our guard down. It’s a place where we set the terms and have control. Failing to govern that space and keep it safe creates a feeling of not only insecurity but profound inadequacy.

    The post-traumatic stress of home burglary

    What would burglars take if they broke into your home? For one writer, material losses pale in comparison to the psychological.





  9. Libraries are actually an invaluable public and social resource that provide so much more than simple shelves of books… A world without public libraries is a grim one indeed, and the assault on public libraries should be viewed as alarming.

    What the “death of the library” means for the future of books

    These are things that cannot be replaced by mere technology — not even a fully-loaded Kindle Fire


  10. House hunting: 7 homes in wine country

    It never hurts to look…




  13. The week’s best editorial cartoons

    Artists take on Ferguson, America’s foreign policy woes, and more