2. Belle strives to understand what it would be like for this woman, torn between love and idealism. But despite the density of the subject matter, this is not a grim drama.

    Belle is one of the most groundbreaking, joyous movies of the summer

    The indie hit, which arrived on DVD this week, broke the status quo by bringing a little-known true story into the light



  4. People have an intuitive — some would say God-given — drive for purpose. They want to be called to something big. Some of us are lucky enough to experience that, at work, at home, or elsewhere. For others, life fails to deliver on their big dreams. Most learn to accept it. But a terrible few are driven to extremism.

    The dangers of our passionless American life

    Too many angry young men are fleeing the steady comforts of the West for the violent jihad of the Mideast



  6. The essential techniques every home cook should know

    You are just a few basic tricks away from making delicious weeknight meals



  8. I didn’t get it right.

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on his handling of the Ray Rice incident

    The commissioner announced a new league policy on domestic violence Thursday