2. Do you need to be crazy to be the best?

    Steve Jobs? Brilliant — and obsessed.


  3. However, a win for gays, on the whole, shouldn’t twist the fact that even within our own diverse enclave, some gays are still losing. For someone who’s bisexual or older or overweight or transgender, exclusion isn’t unusual. The takeaway point: It hasn’t gotten better for a lot of GLBT folks.

    Why gay people of color are still losing

    The next chapter of the gay rights movement is to hold itself to its own standard of inclusion


  4. 10 common conversions for everyday cooking

    Put away your measuring spoons! We’re sharing our top cooking guesstimations, from minced garlic to lemon juice.


  5. The tiny Russian village where everyone’s a tightrope walker

    The tradition began more than a century ago as a way to impress the ladies, according to legend


  6. I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser.

  7. Most people in the Western world have sought spiritual fulfillment through Judeo-Christian monotheism, which Harris considers to be pernicious, unscientific claptrap. That leaves the option of Eastern spirituality, though Harris can’t restrain himself from taking plenty of swipes at Buddhist and Hindu gurus for saying their own scientifically ludicrous things.

    Can we lead spiritually fulfilling lives without religion?

    Sam Harris’ new book, Waking Up, posits that we can. Too bad he has his wires all crossed.




  10. To figure out what might be a boon in the bedroom, Sidorkewitz and McGill mounted motion-capture sensors similar to those used in special effects and video game production to the backs of 10 men.

    Is back pain ruining your sex life?

    You might be doing it wrong