1. Caretakers of a disputed land

    The Turkana have long lived as nomadic herders in East Africa’s Ilemi Triangle. But drought has forced them to seek new trades and confront old rivalries. 


  2. Collectively, these symptoms may signify an empathic identification with a pregnant partner and to the man’s unborn child, but they could also be a resolution of unconscious thoughts that might threaten both.

    Why some men develop signs of pregnancy

    It’s called Couvade Syndrome and it affects men whose partners are expecting a baby


  3. What big data can tell us about the things we eat

    Spoiler alert: We ALL love pizza




  6. The stories behind 22 classic album covers

    Featuring a Hungarian dog, a swimming baby, and a stroll through Greenwich village


  7. Not surprisingly, power and money are inextricably linked — and the bond may be even stronger than we thought.

    How to show your money who’s boss

    Don’t let your finances push you around



  9. The second royal baby has a due date!

    Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting baby no. 2 next spring


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    Are you a business junkie?

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