1. Guy Fieri’s ‘awesome’ new menu is full of ridiculous food

    It’s jam-packed with all sorts of “bold flavors” and dips and sauces and smears and meat and meat and oh, the humanity, so much more meat.


  2. Mitch Hurwitz signs multi-year deal with Netflix

    Let’s hope it involves a Koogler spinoff.



  4. Drake took a lint roller to his pants during a Raptors playoff game

    Note the vigorous no-look brushes, the smooth crossover. That’s some pro-caliber lint rolling right there.

    Drake, oh, you fancy.



  6. Why would a young person today be religious?

    One of religion’s main appeals is its claim to a coherent account of the universe. But that might be too simplistic for our pluralistic age.


  7. Watch Stephen Colbert’s first Letterman Top 10 list

    The interview is interesting for its extended look at out-of-character Stephen Colbert, but it also provides a glimpse into Colbert’s before-he-was-famous humor stylings: Starting at about the 7:50 mark, Colbert brings out a Top 10 list he submitted to Letterman in 1997, as part of a packet to become a staff writer; on Tuesday, he finally got his chance to read it. No. 3 is particularly Colbert-y.



  9. Dude, you’re a welfare rancher trying to pull off the world’s largest cattle dine-and-dash

  10. Who would’ve ever thought Putin could outwit a prerecorded question from a man whose life is in his hands?
    — Watch Jon Stewart call B.S. on Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine protestations

  11. Can Katy Perry beat a Katy Perry super-fan in a Katy Perry quiz show?

    Jimmy Kimmel pits Perry against an apparently real super-fan, Emily Draznik, in a trivia contest about Perry’s life and music.


  12. You can stream Joss Whedon’s new movie right now

    "This is exciting for us because it means we get to explore yet another new form of distribution — and we get $5," he quipped.