1. Horrifyingly, many girls said they believed that men cannot keep themselves from harassing or grabbing women, describing men as ‘unable to control their sexual desires.’ According to the report, ‘they perceived everyday harassment and abuse as normal male behavior, and as something to endure, ignore, or maneuver around.’

  2. Watch the final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past

    This is easily the most ambitious of the X-Men movies.



  4. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reflects on the show’s legacy

    "I want to end ‘Mad Men,’ as a writer, the way I think the story was told."



  6. Transgenders are citizens of this country and are entitled to education and all other rights.

    Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan, India’s Supreme Court

    India’s Supreme Court enshrines the right of every human being to choose their gender


  7. Watch Oprah make Pharrell cry ‘Happy’ tears

    Pharrell Williams has now joined the ranks of celebrities who can say, “I cried with Oprah.”


  8. Vets: More pets are coming in high on pot

    Maybe it’s high time you remind your four-legged friends to just say no.


  9. How any actor (even a really nice one) can play a truly evil villain like King Joffrey

    Game of Thrones' Jack Gleeson is the latest in a long line of sweet, nice actors who have played total monsters. How do they pull it off?




  12. The first trailer for Gone Girl features Ben Affleck, eerie cover song

    The real standout of the trailer is the ghostly version of Charles Aznavour’s “She,” covered by Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs.


  13. The tragic price of ivory

    Poachers are killing thousands of African elephants for their tusks. Can the ivory trade be stopped?