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  2. But protest marches — even massive ones — do not translate neatly or reliably into public policy goals or changing public opinion. Sometimes they are forgotten nearly as soon as they end. So what happens now?

    400,000 Americans marched for climate justice. Now what?

    They’d better start winning some elections


  3. A gallery walk on the wild side

    A photographer chronicles Los Angeles’ underground street art scene




  6. 10 ways to gain real superpowers that will change your life

    Super creativity! Unstoppable willpower! Tony Stark-like confidence!



  8. I needed a marijuana Miyagi, and who better than Nelson, who has a second-degree black belt in taekwondo and a first-degree black belt in helping Norml push for pot legalization?



  11. The week’s best editorial cartoons

    Artists take on the return of Candidate Clinton, Scotland’s attempt at independence, and more


  12. 4 cool tech innovations that could revolutionize sports

    A soccer ball that measures its own flight path? Yeah, there’s an app for that


  13. The week’s best photojournalism

    In some of the week’s most eye-catching images, firefighters take on a monster blaze, baby baboons cry out for milk, and more