2. When Kim isn’t busy making appearances at opera balls or branding her multi-million dollar phone app, she’s posting photos of her family for everyone to see, normalizing mixed-race couples and families for a massive (and relatively young) audience.

    What Keeping Up with the Kardashians can teach America about interracial marriage

    A recent episode of the E! reality show offered an important window into little-discussed prejudices faced by interracial couples




  5. How to make orange soda at home

    Who loves orange soda?




  8. It is so much easier to put the onus on mothers than it is to give them support and own up to the fact that, hey, dad might have something to do with this too. Studies about epigenetic modification to sperm yield similar results to those about women, yet they’re not getting nearly as much attention.

    Half-baked genetic research is fueling the latest round of mom-bashing

    Epigenetics is adding more grist to the pregnancy advice mill





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